You asked. We answered.

To our friends, members and supporters:

Since Day #1 of this crazy entrepreneurial journey, Dog Parker has received an unbelievable amount of enthusiasm and cheerleading from all of you, and it’s buoyed us along the way. Thank you! We are endlessly energized by how many people share our vision, and we’re so proud of how much progress we’ve made on that vision so far.

In addition to enthusiasm and cheerleading, Dog Parker has received an average of a dozen emails a week from people eager to partner with us, franchise or invest. Our answer has always been “Not quite yet… but we’ll let you know when” because we’ve been very busy building out the core functions of our business.

Well... we’re ready! After a wildly successful pilot year, we along with our investors are excited to open up the opportunity for all of you to join us as shareholders in this company. We’re working with WeFunder, a platform that allows everyday people to invest in ideas they love, whether they’re Accredited Investors or not.

Invest in something you love. Invest in Dog Parker! Your investment will help expand the network of Dog Parkers across the US and keep even more adventurous dogs safe and comfy.

Let’s make the future more dog friendly!