Not your average dog house


Precision Engineered

Dog Parkers are designed to ensure your dog is safe, secure and protected while you go inside


Dog Parkers automatically cool the air to ensure your dog is comfortable and safe all year round (32-80F)

Spacious & Comfortable

Dog Parkers are designed to fit most dogs comfortably and use fans to keep the air inside fresh


Veterinary Grade

Dog Parkers' interior surfaces are firm, non-porous, comfortable and easy to clean


Dog Parkers use UV lights to kill bacteria, viruses, and molds between uses, giving you extra peace of mind

Remotely Monitored

Dog Parkers are internet connected, allowing you to keep tabs on things remotely via your smartphone, anytime



Sign up today to get access to dozens of Dog Parkers in our community network. This means you’ll have more freedom to go on outings without having to worry about doggie logistics. Best of all, you’ll have a safe place to leave your dog whether you’re popping into your regular spots or exploring new places together.