on demand neighborhood dog houses


The Dog Parker

A Dog Parker is a convenient way to shelter and protect your dog while on the run – making more time for you to enjoy the day with your best friend

The Member Card

Just tap your membership card to the outside to unlock the Dog Parker. Your key card is unique to you, so only you can unlock the door to retrieve your dog.

The App

Access dozens of Dog Parkers throughout Brooklyn. Monitor your dog in real-time and rest assured knowing your dog is safe and comfortable.


Download the free app

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It's faster and safer than tying your dog up



and reserve a Dog Parker on your phone using our mobile app


the Dog Parker door with your member card or our mobile app


your dog inside and close the door, it locks automatically


run quick errands, knowing your dog is safe and secure


to unlock the Dog Parker and enjoy the day with your dog


Pop in more
with your pup


A Dog Parker'S features

Your dog's new home away from home


We care about your dog the way you do. That’s why we’ve designed the most technologically advanced dog house that allows you to provide your dog with safety and comfort while on the go.


Precision Engineered

Dog Parkers are designed to ensure your dog is safe, secure and protected while you go inside


Dog Parkers automatically cool (and warm) the air to ensure your dog is comfortable and safe all year round (32-80F)

Spacious & Comfortable

Dog Parkers are designed to fit most dogs comfortably and use ventilation fans to keep the air inside fresh

Veterinary Grade

Dog Parkers interior surfaces are firm, non-porous, comfortable and easy to clean


Dog Parkers use UV lights to kill bacteria, viruses, and molds between uses giving you extra peace of mind

Remotely Monitored

Dog Parkers are internet connected, and interior webcams allow you to keep tabs on things remotely via your smartphone, anytime


Mobile App Features 

Get the most out of your Dog Parker experience



View a map of available and reserved Dog Parkers in your area


Reserve a Dog Parker for up to 15 minutes in advance


Unlock the Dog Parker directly from your phone


Check on the internal temperature. See how long you’ve been using the Dog Parker. Check on your dog from the real-time built-in webcam


Call our 24/7 member service easily, anytime. See and update your Dog Parker account info


Download the free app

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Visit our FAQ page if you have more questions or want to learn more